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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

Tangram Security Group e.V.

We support and provide international Comradeship for Members of Military, Security and Police and Private Military Contractors.
Connecting the Defence-, Military-, and Security Industry with the Companies. We create new standards in education and training in collaboration with professional providers at an international level.
Customized strategies for the Military and Security Business / Industry.
As a Member of our Association you have access to a wide range of professionals of the Military and Defense Industry.
For your individual support we can help you in any way, up to complete Teams for international Security Operations.

Our Full Members are: Specialists from Military, Police and Security. Security Companies. Training Centers. Manufactures Defense Industry. Gear Producers.
Also we have a big pool of Supporters with the same skills from all over the world.
Actual our Members and Supporters from: Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, England, Italy, Greece, Russia, Balkan Countries, USA, Canada, Africa, South America, Latin America, Asia, Near East
Contact: tangramconnect@gmx.de

Photos (c) Armin Rose, Member of Tangram

My Association

A few months ago I founded the "Tangram Security Group e.V." It´s a legal, registrated Association with professionals from Military, Police, Security and Private Military.

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Our Meetings

Pro Medi: Medical Work Shop

Meeting and visit at Ophardt Maritime

Stormboat driving